Meet Gail


Gail came to the Black Hills of South Dakota kicking and screaming when she couldn’t get her new husband, Jon Crane, to relocate to Texas.  Since that time in 1994, she has fallen deeply in love with the beauty of the hills.  Jon learned how to make this Texan happy by spending a large part of each winter in Baja where the days are longer, the temps more moderate and the outdoor adventures never lacking.  Gail spends her time aggressively searching for beautiful things...God, rocks, flowers, birds, books, miracles, and relationships.  She is the manager of Jon’s art business, and thanks to the wonders of modern technology, can do the bookkeeping and supervision of staff via the internet from any beach in Baja.  She has two children from her first marriage...Amanda James (Rapid City, SD) and Michael James, who lives in Austin, TX with his wife and son.