2015 Baja 3


     On this lonely stretch of coastline on the Sea of Cortez, we sometimes sit at water’s edge at night and imagine what it was like a thousand years ago, and we can almost believe we are there.  Late at night, with everyone tucked in and all is quiet, there are no lights to be seen within our view, other than the twinkling of the stars and sometimes the moon.  We can feel like the only people on the planet.  But the morning comes, everyone yawns and greets the day, and we’re glad for the company.  Our photos on this post reveal a wide range of human activity along this remote stretch of the sea. The winter months bring an array of pilgrims down a very intimidating road to experience the sea, the desert, the mountains, as well as the sense of peace that comes from a departure from everyday modern life.

     A few of the pictures show our brief return back to our more civilized everyday world in South Dakota.  Jon was selected to receive the 2015 South Dakota Governor’s Award in the Arts for Distinction in Creative Achievement.  Quite a mouthful, but a very great honor and an event that took precedence over paradise.  We drove our camper down to the east cape of Baja, where good friends had offered to safeguard our camper, cat-sit our feisty furball, Cosme, and be our taxi service to and from the airport in San Jose del Cabo. Thankfully, the weather in South Dakota was kind to us in February, and the award ceremony, held in Pierre and sponsored by South Dakotans for the Arts and the South Dakota Arts Council, was a beautiful affair that we will long remember.  Following our whirlwind five day trip, we were back in Baja, where we received our kitty’s forgiveness for leaving her. We were also the recipients of the excellent hospitality of our friends, Katie and Mel, for a few more warm days down in Los Frailes on the southernmost reaches of the peninsula.