2015 Baja Photos 2


It always takes a little time to get settled into our relaxed lifestyle on the beach, but we have managed to do that.  Jon settled into his morning painting routine, and Gail is getting some reading and writing done in addition to taking care of business matters from afar.   Watch for a really unusual painting from Jon, inspired by this lifestyle.  Mornings are often a good time for a paddle, and afternoons are always a good time for a hike.  We have been enjoying watching our little kitten Cosme grow, and usually find time to meet with friends to toast to the end of another day.  We did make a journey into Loreto to re-supply for another few weeks, and for Cosme to visit Dr. Dassia for necessary shots and surgery.  We don’t need more kittens.  It was a slow trip due to the condition of the road to the highway.  Last year the first 10 kilometers (6 miles) from the highway were paved (a mixed blessing). The hurricanes of last year have washed out, or compromised many sections of the road, which have been left unfixed.   Ah, Mexico!  We will be making a quick trip back to South Dakota in February.  Jon received notice that he will be awarded the South Dakota Governor’s Award in the Arts for Distinction in Creative Achievement in Pierre SD on February 10th.  Then, we plan to head back to our beaches.