2015 Baja 1


     The first photo on this post will give you an idea of why we were determined to head south for the winter, and the ones that follow featuring cute baby pictures will give you an idea of our timing.  Calvin Crane’s first birthday was on December 15th, which coincidentally is Gail’s birthday as well.  So is there any way we would miss that event?  We typically do not leave the Black Hills before Christmas, but this year we just didn’t have a choice.  Needless to say, spending any time at all with an adorable grandchild makes for a difficult departure afterward, but we had set a goal to be on our favorite Baja beach by Christmas for the first time ever.  You will see that we attained our goal by the photo of a Christmas morning sunrise on the Sea of Cortez. 

     Despite the damage of a couple of major hurricanes in Baja this past year, the places that draw us back year after year are much the same.  Road conditions always vary, depending on the storms, and we stay watchful of washed-out vados (dips,) potholes, and crumbling shoulders.  Fuel availability is also sometimes iffy, but this year there seems to be no lack.  We came down to the beach fully provisioned, so we haven’t been to town yet.  There will surely be some changes in the stores that are open and the condition of the streets of Loreto.  But the road that leads down to our magical beach is weather worn...the worst it’s been in years..., but passable (we hugged the hill.)  The area we love that is always threatened by development is still untouched and available to us.  The gang is partially here, with more on the way.  The bird sounds are still joyful.  The waves are still playful.  Sheer beauty is still resounding.  And our hearts are still grateful for every moment we’re here. 

     Shortly after we arrived, a fellow pilgrim walked over to our camp with a little emaciated, stray kitten, handed her to us, and said,  “All she needs is food and water.  Gotta’ go now!”  One look at this little fox-faced wide-eyed critter and we were sunk.  God really knew what He was doing when He made kittens!  We fed her for a couple of days but didn’t give her a name, knowing that might lead to some kind of permanent attachment.  Then one night over dinner with our beach buddies, we all agreed her name was Cosme, which comes from the nearby goat ranch of San Cosme.  After dinner, our friends left, the kitten stayed, and we knew we had been adopted.  Not sure how a beach cat will adjust to the great frozen north, but it looks like we’re going to find out.