2015 Baja 4

    We’re looking back now at our last few weeks in Baja, which once again seems like a dream.  After time spent on the east cape, we settled back in on our “perfect beach” near Agua Verde to connect with friends Kelly and Paula who came down from South Dakota.  During the mornings, Jon wielded his paintbrush for a few hours, Gail wielded the pen, and Cosme chased lizards, grasshoppers ... and a bird or scorpion or two.  Afternoons were crammed with hiking, a bit of kayaking, a few Yoga sessions for Gail with friends, happy hours, and other mischief as prescribed. Soon it was time to hit the dusty trail toward the border. 

     Gail spent a few days in Loreto with her friend Jane, visiting missions, seeing the sights, and eating day and night.  Jon and Cosme came to Loreto to pick Gail up on the day Jane left, and the slow amble north ensued.  That is, it was intended to be a slow amble.  Unfortunately, it turned into a mad dash to civilization, due to some major problems we had.  Our mobile satellite internet crashed, we had a family emergency requiring our attention, and one of our debit cards was compromised, all of which added up to the immediate need to be on US soil.  We ditched the slow lane and put it into high gear to get back to the states.  To all the friends left unvisited and sights left unseen, here’s to next year.  Looking forward to the flip side!